What is Shared Hosting? by Web Hosting Talk

Shared hosting is one of the most used hosting types by small business owners and WordPress site users. The single server (shared hosting) hold 25 to 100 website on a single server is called shared hosting. The shared hosting is very cheap and affordable. The hosting providers promise we provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth for your shared hosting website. But in reality, they not provide above-said things. In this post you will learn what is shared hosting? in a detailed manner.

And also, some hosting providers tell we provide 100% uptime guarantee for your website but this is considered as the great lie in the hosting industry.

What is Shared hosting?

The web hosting is simply hard disk or hard drive which can be used to store your data online. In the offline world, we use our computer to store images, text and files etc. In the online world, we use the web hosting (like a desktop computer) to store images, text and files etc.

what is shared hosting?

what is Shared hosting? – like an apartment which holds 100’s of a home in a single building. The homeowners share their resource to each other. The resources on apartments are water, electricity etc. All of the resources are shared by 100 homeowners. If you want any extra resources like water you need to shift your home to another home or to pay extra to get extra resources for your users.

Like shared hosting is a cheap hosting the hosting providers tell we provide unlimited space, bandwidth but in reality, it is not possible.

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What makes Shared hosting famous?

Most of the companies sell their hosting service with unlimited tags. This makes catchy for more people. They only tell lie to their customer. We provide every service as unlimited this makes people trust to buy their service.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

There are many advantages of using shared hosting I will list some of the important advantages below

  • Shared hosting is one of the cheap hosting services in the world. The cost for shared hosting price per month is $4 – $10. It makes shared hosting is one of the famous hosting plans.
  • Most of the shared hosting providers improved their technology. They added like Cpanel, one click WordPress install on the hosting platform.
  • Most of the companies provide 24/7/365 day support and also 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Larger companies offer whenever your site get more traffic they give hardware resource update option for their clients. It makes shared hosting is for both small and personal website owners.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

There are many disadvantages like advantages in shared hosting plans. I have listed below

  • Most of the shared server response time are more than 1 seconds. This will make websites load slower than expected. This affects ranking on search engines.
  • They promise we provide 99.9% up time but most companies do not fulfill their promise.


When you buy shared hosting service take care above important things. This will reduce your future web hosting problems.

If you have any doubts about this tutorial what is shared hosting? please post your questions using below comment section.


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How to Choose Best Web Hosting Service Provider?

This post is really helpful to you about how to choose a best hosting service provider for your business.

When you start building your business online or move your website files to the new hosting provider, you need to ask many questions before starting your work. 

There are many hosting providers say we provide unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and great support etc. But in reality, they not able to fulfill their above-said things.

Here, I will explain to you how to pick up the best hosting service provider for your personal website or brand website.

Before you start to pick up the hosting provider you must know your requirement.

Best Hosting service Provider

Choose the best hosting service provider using the below-listed method.

Know Your Business Website Requirements

Make sure thoroughly analyze your hosting requirement and then start hunt your hosting provider will be easy for you.

  • Is it your website is the personal or fun type of site?
  • Is it your website or blog?
  • Is it your site is a business website?
  • Do you want Linux or Windows server?
  • If your website has big traffic then choose hosting provider according to traffic.

The above questions are some basic question. Try to get answers for those above question it will be really helpful for you choose the best hosting provider for your business.

Think About Future

After ask yourself about above basic questions you need to ask some future question if your website has got some good amount of traffic. You can choose your web hosting according to future plan. The questions are listed below

  • Is it your website traffic grow faster within the time frame?
  • Is it this hosting plan suitable for this traffic?
  • Is it this hosting plan is expandable?

The above questions will help you find future plans for your website.

Main Types of Web Hosting

Most of the web hosting companies offer three basic hosting services. That services are shared hosting, Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting: This type of hosting is a most affordable host on the internet. But this hosting shares server resources to many websites on the same server. This makes this hosting plan worst for big traffic and E-Commerce sites.

Virtual Private Server:

If you have a decent amount of web traffic you can choose VPS servers. Because VPS offers some good amount of server resources to their users. VPS looks in between both shared and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server: This server is a physical server. This server is dedicated only for one user and also it have huge server resources to handle a good amount of web traffic.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the main focus when you choose the hosting company. You can check support options on the particular hosting company website.

Some web hosting companies offer support through the Ticket system, Live Chat, Email and Phone support to their customers. And also, read some customer reviews about that company on different review websites.

Check The Server Storage and Bandwidth

Most of the websites don’t need more than 100MB space. If you build huge content rich website sure you will need huge space and bandwidth for your website.

Most of the hosting providers tell that we provide unlimited server space for your site but this is not impossible. If they give that unlimited space means the website will load slowly.

Most of the hosting providers offers unlimited bandwidth but some offer limited. The website bandwidth means data transfer between user and server.

Test Website Connection Speed

The server connection speed directly impacts your website loading speed. The server responding time important for your website success. If the hosting provider offers unlimited bandwidth means they may put a huge number of websites on the single server. This will impact your website speed. You can choose dedicated or VPS server for your website this will improve your website speed.

Server Up time Guarantee

Most of the web hosting services claim 99% uptime but some hosters claim 100%. The 100% uptime is  not possible. If they claim 100% uptime be wary that number.

The difference between 99% and 99.9% is three days server is down for per year. Carefully choose the server sure this will impact your business.

Make Sure Important Tools They Provide

Check the host provides the essential tools to manage your website. The important tools are cPanel, WordPress, FTP, Backup tools and lot more back-end tools.

And also, check whether they provide security tool or not. The security of your website is important for your online business success.

Check The Operating System

Most of the websites using Linux operating system. If you want to run Microsoft.NET application you will need Windows server. The security of Windows server is greater than windows servers.


Before choosing your hosting provider, you should read the above important tips and then choose your host.

This will save you lot money and headache and if you have queries related to select best hosting provider please ask the question using the comment section. I will be happy to reply your questions.

Wordpress Security

WordPress Security Part 2: Tips To Improve Your WP Website

Today most of the Websites use WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to run their website. We need to put extra care for WordPress security of our websites. In this post I will explain to you how to improve WordPress security of your website. If you want to read WordPress security Part 1.

File Permission

WordPress allows various files are writable by the web server. This feature is dangerous for if you using shared hosting environment.

You can lock down this feature by using the hosting control panel. Whenever you need writing access you can allow using control panel.

I am listed below file writing permission scheme


This is WordPress site root directory. All of your files are writable only by site user account and writable using .htaccess file.


This Wp-admin area all files should writable by user of the site.


This area also writable only by site user account.


This folder is writable only by user account and server.


This is a theme folder. If you use build in theme editor writable access given to web server. If you install themes using upload method the writable permission is given to user account.


All plugin files are only writable by user account.

Database Security

Protect your database following some good methods. That methods are used for try to avoid using same database for multiple blogs. Whenever someone enters into your one database make sure not enter into other database blogs on your server.

And also not allow normal registered users to install plugins, themes and make changes on your site structure. Only allow MySQL data read and data writable privileged user to do that jobs.

Secure WP-Includes

The WP-includes folder is important area on your WordPress site. You can place this code on your .htaccess file and place the outside of #Begin WordPress and #End WordPress.

# Block the include-only files.

# Block the include-only files.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^wp-admin/includes/ – [F,L]
RewriteRule !^wp-includes/ – [S=3]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/[^/]+\.php$ – [F,L]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/.+\.php – [F,L]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/theme-compat/ – [F,L]

# BEGIN WordPress

Secure WP-Config.php

Move your wp-config.php file to outside of root folder. You can place the below code on .htaccess file to deny if someone try to access it. The code is

<files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

Disable File Editing

Anyone have a WordPress administrative control can easily access theme and plugin file edit option on dashboard. If any hacker able to login to our website dashboard sure they will edit the code using this code edit tool. The WordPress have a constant if you put this code on your WP.Config.php you will disable the edit option on your dashboard for all of your login users. The code is single line code I added below

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);

Update Plugins

Make sure Install the latest updated plugin for your website. And also install security plugins on your website. There are number of plugins available iTheme security, ALL in one WP security this plugins alter .htaccess files and some restricting Apache level access. This will improve the security of your website to the next level.


WordPress security is most important for your online presence. Most of the websites use WordPress tool to start their online journey.

Follow the security guide lines and apply above tips to your website this will automatically improve the website security.

If you have any doubt about WordPress security please ask your queries below using the comment section below. If will help you at any time.


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WordPress Security Part 1:Tips To Improve Your WP Website

We need to provide extra care for our WordPress security part 2 because there are numerous ways of web vulnerabilities occur on our websites. You can avoid that vulnerabilities by applying below security methods on your WordPress site and hosting account.

How to improve the WordPress Security?

WordPress site security is very much important for webmasters or site administrators. If you don’t improve the security status of your sites means this may arise big potential security problem for your site.

In this post I explain to you some important tips for how to improve the WordPress security.

What is mean by Security?

The security means try to improve the security of the system using the right appropriate methods but not 100% perfectly secure the system. Apply the below security tips you could reduce the security of the system and not reduce full security risk. But this will improves the system.

I will list some Step by Step Security Checking Process and prevent vulnerabilities for WordPress Sites. If you want to get rid of security issues from your site you need to apply the below methods.

Website Hosting

wordpress security

First start your website security checking process from your web hosting environment. Most of the hosting services providers gives security to their websites on their host. When you choosing the hosting service provider. You can follow below listed methods to secure your WordPress hosting.

  1. Provide Backup and Recovery
  1. Check whether they used recent software

Website Core Application

Website core application is also the important part of security concern on your site. You can pass the site security responsibility to web hosting provider but this part is more responsible to your own hand. Because you install the application on your hosting account. The website hosting company is not responsible for the application you choose to install.

Security Holes in Installed Themes

Try to avoid installing themes downloaded from unidentified sources because they may inject malware on their themes. This will make your site vulnerable to hackers.

Computer Vulnerability

Your desktop computer security is much important for security of your websites because you use this computer to communicate with your server. You should need to install an antivirus software for your system. It improves security of your system. At least update your browser for latest version and avoid vulnerable sites.

WordPress Updating

WordPress.org gives you automatic update feature on every website admin panel. You can use this feature to update your site to latest version. Not forget to install latest version on your site because WordPress updates recent security releases. If you install this your website security improves to another level.

You can find latest version on http://wordpress.org website homepage. Don’t download WordPress software from any other sites.Because they may insert vulnerable code on it.

Network Vulnerability

Try to check both client and server side networks are trusted. Make sure to check your router firewall setting and also careful about what networks you work.

Strong Password vulnerability

You need strong passwords for WordPress admin and hosting account. Because both passwords are important for your security of your website. Recently WordPress introduced password generating tool on their admin panel. You can generate passwords for both wp-admin, and Hosting account using password generator.


Use SFTP when connecting to your server and this adds extra encryption method. The SFTP looks like a FTP. If you hosting provider doesn’t providing means just ask them about SFTP.


You can easily apply the above methods for your site this will improve your WordPress security .

Above methods are really helpful for you and you can try it on your site. If you have any doubts about this above listed methods please post your queries on the comment section. Sure I will help you.