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WordPress Security Part 1:Tips To Improve Your WP Website

We need to provide extra care for our WordPress security part 2 because there are numerous ways of web vulnerabilities occur on our websites. You can avoid that vulnerabilities by applying below security methods on your WordPress site and hosting account.

How to improve the WordPress Security?

WordPress site security is very much important for webmasters or site administrators. If you don’t improve the security status of your sites means this may arise big potential security problem for your site.

In this post I explain to you some important tips for how to improve the WordPress security.

What is mean by Security?

The security means try to improve the security of the system using the right appropriate methods but not 100% perfectly secure the system. Apply the below security tips you could reduce the security of the system and not reduce full security risk. But this will improves the system.

I will list some Step by Step Security Checking Process and prevent vulnerabilities for WordPress Sites. If you want to get rid of security issues from your site you need to apply the below methods.

Website Hosting

wordpress security

First start your website security checking process from your web hosting environment. Most of the hosting services providers gives security to their websites on their host. When you choosing the hosting service provider. You can follow below listed methods to secure your WordPress hosting.

  1. Provide Backup and Recovery
  1. Check whether they used recent software

Website Core Application

Website core application is also the important part of security concern on your site. You can pass the site security responsibility to web hosting provider but this part is more responsible to your own hand. Because you install the application on your hosting account. The website hosting company is not responsible for the application you choose to install.

Security Holes in Installed Themes

Try to avoid installing themes downloaded from unidentified sources because they may inject malware on their themes. This will make your site vulnerable to hackers.

Computer Vulnerability

Your desktop computer security is much important for security of your websites because you use this computer to communicate with your server. You should need to install an antivirus software for your system. It improves security of your system. At least update your browser for latest version and avoid vulnerable sites.

WordPress Updating

WordPress.org gives you automatic update feature on every website admin panel. You can use this feature to update your site to latest version. Not forget to install latest version on your site because WordPress updates recent security releases. If you install this your website security improves to another level.

You can find latest version on http://wordpress.org website homepage. Don’t download WordPress software from any other sites.Because they may insert vulnerable code on it.

Network Vulnerability

Try to check both client and server side networks are trusted. Make sure to check your router firewall setting and also careful about what networks you work.

Strong Password vulnerability

You need strong passwords for WordPress admin and hosting account. Because both passwords are important for your security of your website. Recently WordPress introduced password generating tool on their admin panel. You can generate passwords for both wp-admin, and Hosting account using password generator.


Use SFTP when connecting to your server and this adds extra encryption method. The SFTP looks like a FTP. If you hosting provider doesn’t providing means just ask them about SFTP.


You can easily apply the above methods for your site this will improve your WordPress security .

Above methods are really helpful for you and you can try it on your site. If you have any doubts about this above listed methods please post your queries on the comment section. Sure I will help you.



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