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How to Choose Best Web Hosting Service Provider?

This post is really helpful to you about how to choose a best hosting service provider for your business.

When you start building your business online or move your website files to the new hosting provider, you need to ask many questions before starting your work. 

There are many hosting providers say we provide unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and great support etc. But in reality, they not able to fulfill their above-said things.

Here, I will explain to you how to pick up the best hosting service provider for your personal website or brand website.

Before you start to pick up the hosting provider you must know your requirement.

Best Hosting service Provider

Choose the best hosting service provider using the below-listed method.

Know Your Business Website Requirements

Make sure thoroughly analyze your hosting requirement and then start hunt your hosting provider will be easy for you.

  • Is it your website is the personal or fun type of site?
  • Is it your website or blog?
  • Is it your site is a business website?
  • Do you want Linux or Windows server?
  • If your website has big traffic then choose hosting provider according to traffic.

The above questions are some basic question. Try to get answers for those above question it will be really helpful for you choose the best hosting provider for your business.

Think About Future

After ask yourself about above basic questions you need to ask some future question if your website has got some good amount of traffic. You can choose your web hosting according to future plan. The questions are listed below

  • Is it your website traffic grow faster within the time frame?
  • Is it this hosting plan suitable for this traffic?
  • Is it this hosting plan is expandable?

The above questions will help you find future plans for your website.

Main Types of Web Hosting

Most of the web hosting companies offer three basic hosting services. That services are shared hosting, Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting: This type of hosting is a most affordable host on the internet. But this hosting shares server resources to many websites on the same server. This makes this hosting plan worst for big traffic and E-Commerce sites.

Virtual Private Server:

If you have a decent amount of web traffic you can choose VPS servers. Because VPS offers some good amount of server resources to their users. VPS looks in between both shared and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server: This server is a physical server. This server is dedicated only for one user and also it have huge server resources to handle a good amount of web traffic.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the main focus when you choose the hosting company. You can check support options on the particular hosting company website.

Some web hosting companies offer support through the Ticket system, Live Chat, Email and Phone support to their customers. And also, read some customer reviews about that company on different review websites.

Check The Server Storage and Bandwidth

Most of the websites don’t need more than 100MB space. If you build huge content rich website sure you will need huge space and bandwidth for your website.

Most of the hosting providers tell that we provide unlimited server space for your site but this is not impossible. If they give that unlimited space means the website will load slowly.

Most of the hosting providers offers unlimited bandwidth but some offer limited. The website bandwidth means data transfer between user and server.

Test Website Connection Speed

The server connection speed directly impacts your website loading speed. The server responding time important for your website success. If the hosting provider offers unlimited bandwidth means they may put a huge number of websites on the single server. This will impact your website speed. You can choose dedicated or VPS server for your website this will improve your website speed.

Server Up time Guarantee

Most of the web hosting services claim 99% uptime but some hosters claim 100%. The 100% uptime is  not possible. If they claim 100% uptime be wary that number.

The difference between 99% and 99.9% is three days server is down for per year. Carefully choose the server sure this will impact your business.

Make Sure Important Tools They Provide

Check the host provides the essential tools to manage your website. The important tools are cPanel, WordPress, FTP, Backup tools and lot more back-end tools.

And also, check whether they provide security tool or not. The security of your website is important for your online business success.

Check The Operating System

Most of the websites using Linux operating system. If you want to run Microsoft.NET application you will need Windows server. The security of Windows server is greater than windows servers.


Before choosing your hosting provider, you should read the above important tips and then choose your host.

This will save you lot money and headache and if you have queries related to select best hosting provider please ask the question using the comment section. I will be happy to reply your questions.


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