What is Shared Hosting? by Web Hosting Talk

Shared hosting is one of the most used hosting types by small business owners and WordPress site users. The single server (shared hosting) hold 25 to 100 website on a single server is called shared hosting. The shared hosting is very cheap and affordable. The hosting providers promise we provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth for your shared hosting website. But in reality, they not provide above-said things. In this post you will learn what is shared hosting? in a detailed manner.

And also, some hosting providers tell we provide 100% uptime guarantee for your website but this is considered as the great lie in the hosting industry.

What is Shared hosting?

The web hosting is simply hard disk or hard drive which can be used to store your data online. In the offline world, we use our computer to store images, text and files etc. In the online world, we use the web hosting (like a desktop computer) to store images, text and files etc.

what is shared hosting?

what is Shared hosting? – like an apartment which holds 100’s of a home in a single building. The homeowners share their resource to each other. The resources on apartments are water, electricity etc. All of the resources are shared by 100 homeowners. If you want any extra resources like water you need to shift your home to another home or to pay extra to get extra resources for your users.

Like shared hosting is a cheap hosting the hosting providers tell we provide unlimited space, bandwidth but in reality, it is not possible.

I personally use Liquidweb Hosting for my websites. They provide all types of hosting plans with high-quality support for their customers. You can find Liquidweb Coupon $250 OFF for your web hosting account using the above link.

What makes Shared hosting famous?

Most of the companies sell their hosting service with unlimited tags. This makes catchy for more people. They only tell lie to their customer. We provide every service as unlimited this makes people trust to buy their service.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

There are many advantages of using shared hosting I will list some of the important advantages below

  • Shared hosting is one of the cheap hosting services in the world. The cost for shared hosting price per month is $4 – $10. It makes shared hosting is one of the famous hosting plans.
  • Most of the shared hosting providers improved their technology. They added like Cpanel, one click WordPress install on the hosting platform.
  • Most of the companies provide 24/7/365 day support and also 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Larger companies offer whenever your site get more traffic they give hardware resource update option for their clients. It makes shared hosting is for both small and personal website owners.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

There are many disadvantages like advantages in shared hosting plans. I have listed below

  • Most of the shared server response time are more than 1 seconds. This will make websites load slower than expected. This affects ranking on search engines.
  • They promise we provide 99.9% up time but most companies do not fulfill their promise.


When you buy shared hosting service take care above important things. This will reduce your future web hosting problems.

If you have any doubts about this tutorial what is shared hosting? please post your questions using below comment section.



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